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Department Quality Assurance

Departments are the fundamental organizational structures for scientific research, teaching and training activities, as well as for the transfer of knowledge and innovation and for all Third Mission activities. The Head of Department and the Department Council represent the Departmental Bodies responsible for the definition of Quality Assurance Policies for Departmental Research and Teaching.
In this section of the site, information and documentation are collected from the departmental bodies for Quality Assurance.
Department Quality Assurance Panel

The Department Quality Assurance Panel (Presidio di Assicurazione della Qualità Dipartimentale - PQD) has a supporting role in the University Quality Assurance Panel to make quality assurance policies more effective in the areas of Research, Teaching and the third mission.


  • to monitor the processes, inter-processes and procedures of Quality Assurance, self-assessment, review and improvement of the university courses, research and Third Mission at the Department level;
  • to ensure the correct flow of information to and from the Quality Assurance Panel, the Evaluation Unit (Nucleo di Valutazione) and the Department's Teaching-Student Commissions (Commissioni paritetiche Docenti-Studenti);
  • to propose to the University Quality Assurance Panel the adoption of common tools for quality assurance and the provision of training activities for their application;
  • to provide support to the University Courses, to the Quality Assurance Managers (RAQ), to the Self-Assessment Groups (GAV) and to the Heads of Departments for their own activities of quality assurance.


Teaching Quality Assurance
Reasearch Quality Assurance
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