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Teaching quality assurance

Teaching Staff-Students Joint Commission (Commissione Paritetica Docenti-Studenti - CPDS)
The Joint Commission is formed in equal measure of teachers and students.
It is in charge of monitoring the educational offer and teaching quality, identifying indicators for the evaluation of the results and formulating opinions on the activation and suppression of Degree Programs.
The Commission expresses its evaluations and formulates the proposals for improvement in an Annual Report which is transmitted to the Presidents of the CdS, to the Director of the Department, to the University Quality Office and to the University Evaluation Unit by 31 December of each year.
Teaching staff:
Prof.ssa Annamaria Cantoni  (President) professor Veterinary Medicine Degree Course and Livestock Science and Animal Production Technologies Degree Course.
Prof.ssa Giuseppina Basini, professor Veterinary Medicine Degree Course.
Prof. Marco Genchi  - professor Livestock Science and Animal Production Technologies Degree Course
Giulio Carboni student representative for Livestock Science and Animal Production Technologies Degree Course
Martina Bernardis - student representative Livestock Science and Animal Production Technologies Degree Course
Raphaele Vivace - student representative Veterinary Medicine
Guidance Committee (Comitato di Indirizzo)

The Guidance Committee, composed of a representative of the professors of the Department and representatives of labour market, ensures a constant connection with the business world, in order to evaluate the progress of the Degree Course, to draw up definition proposals and planning of the training offer and learning objectives, promoting contacts for possible student internships at companies and institutions.

Veterinary Medicine

Zootechnical Sciences and Animal Production Technologies

Service for teaching quality
Degree Courses teaching quality

The names of the Presidents, of the RAQs and of the other bodies responsible for the teaching quality are published on the websites of each course.

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